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Fileknow as a file search engine.

fileknow.net has a bot crawler which explore internet for links to the files hosted at filehosting like rapidshare, megaupload, etc
fileknow.net supports more than 20 filehostings. There are:
rapidshare, megaupload, hotfile, filesonic,mediafire,depositfiles,easyshare,letitbit,fileserve,bitshare,4shared,oron,

Fileknow have a huge file database witch renews every day, every hour.
FileHostings have a lot of software, movies, music, all this can be found at fileknow.net

Some cool features:

search results are with image hints.

There are minimum advertisement.

Fileknow also provide Mozilla plugin which add fileknow.net as search engine to the mozilla search tools.

There is filehosting filter in the left column, if you have premium account with particular file hosting, search results could be easy fileter with desired file hosting.

Need help with file? leave a message with question, somebody will help you.

Little filesharing hosting FAQ:
There are some hints may help you with downloaded files http://fileknow.net

Sometimes files ends with numbers like:
.001,.002,.003 that means original file was spited with some kind of splitter
and it could be restored with joiner
for example http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~hoangle/filesj/

Sometimes big files could be spited to several parts, like:
filename.part01.rar, filename.part02.rar,.part03.rar and so on.
to get original file, all parts should be downloaded.

If the file have extension.rar that means it had bee packed with rar program.
you can get rar tool from http://www.rarlab.com/

Sometims archive may be protected with password, that mean archive cannot be extracted without correct password.
fileknow.net exploring net for files also collect passwords for the files.
But if password is missing, you may leave the question with password request.
Or visit the pages where bot saw that file/files.

There is "broken link" button on the download page, that is the way to let know the file/files is broken and should be rechecked.

Hope fileknow will be useful for everyone who are looking for the media in the net.